Why the Mandrake Screams

*FYI, this poem draws heavily from the myths of mandrakes’ appearance, magical properties, and danger. I even include how mandrakes smell like apples. Therefore, you may want to read up on mandrake mythology if you want to grasp this poem’s meaning.


The smell of apples draws her in,

One whisper of “mandrake fruit unveils

the god within,” and she partakes of sin.


She runs to Adam, and he bites, feeling the trails

Of a bitter mystery scar his tongue.

She chews, and chews, but the taste prevails


And the promised power is nothing but dung.

How easily they flung paradise aside, sung wrong,

Hung right. They hear Him approach and their hearts are wrung:


Useless as emptied clouds, and weak before One Strong.

Darkness sets, but the Sun comes,

And two shivering humans know they don’t belong.


He judges, their eyes turn down and their hearts turn to crumbs—

Why did they doubt? All mandrakes cry out.

He pities, and despite the screams, helps them tune out the drums,


And realize they hear Him clearly now, instead of the Whisperer of doubt

Or the mandrake-men they’ve cursed. The false voices peter out—

But why, cry the mandrake-men, O why did you doubt?

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