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Leaving Your Safe Zone

My bed at home is much better than my bed here, but that doesn’t mean I want to get up. My blue comforter is snug against my body, reaching all the way up to my chin; my fuzzy, pink socks lie warm against my feet; and one plain pillow hugs my head while I hug the Christmas-donut pillow close to my face. Then that horrible alarm sounds, and I blink frantically as if someone was squirting a spray bottle in my eyes.

Who had the bright idea to make beds so comfortable? Who wants to sit, then stand, then prepare for work or school when getting up means leaving such a warm, safe cocoon? No one, that’s who. Except workaholics and crazy morning people.

In other words, people with a stronger will than I’ll ever possess.

But that’s what life is about, isn’t it? Life asks you to leave the safety and warmth of people who think like you, jobs you know how to do, and results that require little from you. Sometimes you’re given a choice to leave the familiar, but sometimes you’re not. And for what? The unknown, which you don’t like or understand (yet).

Some changes are good, like walking into a store full of free samples or into a coffee shop during happy hour.

But the weightier matters of life rarely reward us while we stay in our comfort zones, shutting our eyes from the waking world. No, they come when we blink, when we force the crusty film off our eyes, when we shower and make ourselves presentable, when we face the variable outdoors for the sake of something necessary.

Necessary, not to achieve our goals per se, but to achieve God’s plans. He doesn’t need us, but it will be better for us to participate. Better, not just because God’s ways are morally higher, but also because they provide an unnatural peace. It sounds strange, but it’s true: Jumping into chaos with God’s hand wrapped around ours would bring us such peace.

Because it’s not chaos. It only appears that way from our perspective. We’re limited by time, space, and matter, but God created these three dimensions and isn’t limited by them.

You may ask yourself, “Why should this encourage me to get out of bed?” Because you’re not safe in your safe zone. We may think we are, but we can’t imagine how people or circumstances will change. Life is unpredictable. Really, when we try to govern our own lives safely, we’re still leaping into chaos—the only difference is that we don’t realize it. Worse, we aren’t holding a guide’s hand.

But God, though still a mystery to us, is infallible. His guidance is perfect. To trust in Him is not to leap into chaos, but into order that is beyond our comprehension.

So I wrap my hand around God’s and jump.

1 thought on “Leaving Your Safe Zone”

  1. Wow I got convicted by your article. I will jump with God’smighty hand holding my small human hand. Thank Pam for encouraging us . You are a beautiful and powerful instrument in God’s hands.

    Liked by 1 person

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