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I Have Missed It All

This is the second thing I’m posting today as an apology for having been absent for so long–sorry! Please enjoy a poem I wrote for my family while I was in college.

I Have Missed It All

The first night I slept with two kind strangers

And closed two tired eyes in sleep;

I felt bewitched in what I did:

Bravely dreaming with no tears,

Bravely flying above my fears–

But how I wished to see your face,

And hoped yours, like mine, remained unstained.


The second night went as the first,

Then on and on without reverse

And only a few thoughts that went morose.

Still no watergates I shed,

I didn’t, I couldn’t, not yet,

Though I gave you a million thoughts,

And a million more goodbyes.


Twas too blissful the adventure

With which God endowed blessed peace,

For though I prodded my own heart,

I felt nought but a few faint rips,

Knowing this separation was temporal

And that your state was well for now.


My past felt as a fond memory,

And yet not too far away,

For I trusted in your safety:

In our God we find blessed rest.


Then day passed and night encroached

With work that taxed my wearied head,

And a day didn’t pass in those hard times,

That I didn’t beg the Lord for strength.


But patience birthed within my heart–

A seed that spread despite my restless thoughts–

And these short sorrows I soon accepted

As His molding me for greater (harder) tasks.


Work quickly changed and brought confusion,

But on my Rock I stayed secure.

Though perils grabbed and pulled at me,

I closed my eyes and bent my knees

As God my Helper led me through,

Leading me closer and closer to the end,

Where I knew you’d wait for me.


So do not fret–I am not sad!

My God aids me with gentle hands.

And when I see you I will smile

Because you brought me to His arms,

Arms plenty strong enough to warm me

In the cold and in the storm,

Arms plenty faithful enough to carry me

And bring me back to your tender love.


It was worth the while, you see,

And soon we’ll reunite after our toils,

Tired, but triumphant;

Wearied, but enduring.


And so we say, No greater joy but to obey,

To stand amid the Father’s ways,

Ways I’m glad you shared with me,

Ways that kept me strong.


Away from you, I grew in sprints and bursts,

Thinking of when I’d meet again your goodly faces,

But never did I think the hour

Would come a short seven days from now.


When you three come, with candy smiles

And soft, sweet arms encircling me,

I will rejoice, and let this warmth flow,

This warmth that was from old called “love,”

Stretching my arms to embrace you all,

And thankful our God kept us safe.


I haven’t forgotten your dear affections,

Or loving displays that lift my heart.

So when you come, bring me yourselves–

That great gift that only you can give:

Comforting touches and soft expression–

Bring it because I have missed it all.








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