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Gen. 5: We’re Not Too Different from Adam

When we think of Adam, we think of some distant Bible character who is long gone and dead. And while that may be true, he's not too different from the rest of us. Here are some surprising (but obvious) ways in which we're not too different from Adam.

Aha Moments

As He Is

As I meditate on God, I'm amazed at how God shows Himself differently to different people. To Paul, He showed His blinding glory; to Elijah, His flames of fire; and to Joseph, His blessed companionship.

Aha Moments

Quiet Boldness

I admire the quiet boldness once contained to whispers, which, moved by divine love, rises to something greater than the norm (even when others oppose). I admire the boldness with shaky legs that stands to proclaim truth anyway, though the people around him glare, and sneer, and scowl: that’s the kind of boldness I admire.… Continue reading Quiet Boldness